Awakened is a cerebral Sci-Fi experience that utilizes a Brain Computer Interface(BCI) to provide players with an unprecedented experience in interactive story-telling. Using a BCI to capture the electromagnetic field generated by their brain, players will explore a mysterious environment full of experiences designed to engage their imagination.

The field of consumer EEG and BCIs are currently in a Renaissance; every month there are new, major milestones achieved in this young and budding industry. Never before has the human mind and all of its mysteries been so accessible and open to exploration using this new consumer technology. EEG and neural-feedback applications already have a proven track record in treating people with a variety of different psychological conditions, ranging from epileptic seizures to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Awakened explores this amazing technology in a variety of unique ways that can best be communicated through personal experience. We are excited to show our progress thus far and would like to extend an invitation for you to come and experience a short demo we have prepared.